Koffi Olomide New Album Hacked And Linked To Fan Around The World

Koffi Olomide New Album Hacked And Linked To Fan Around The World

The band Quartier Latin International and many more Congolese have been surprised at the free download on the Internet of all securities that has the album “Abracadabra, all in my arms ….”

Newly marketed drive, Abracadabra, the new album Koffi Olomide, wild is the victim of piracy.
According to the Catholic news agency Dia, the Congolese musician Koffi Olomide, provided the official release of his new album to December 23, 2011 in Paris.
But well before that date, the boss of the band Quartier Latin International and many others were surprised by the Congolese free download on the Internet of all securities that has the album “Abracadabra, all in my arms ….”
According to reliable sources cited by DIA, the Congolese artist would have sent the model of the disk to Europe where he can not get to work finishing the modern recording studio because of legal proceedings against him .
It’s beyond that this album would have been hacked as much anticipated by many music lovers of music and especially the fans of Koffi Olomide around the world.
Citing certain Congolese abroad in this piracy, the Catholic agency, in its previous editions, wrote: “The Congolese government has an obligation to safeguard the emergence of culture. But it must also put around the table to discuss all the protagonists. Because they are all Congolese have the right to be heard by the authorities who have to reconcile. “
Koffi speaks of pale copies of the originals
In this conflict, deplored DIA, there is only one loser: “It is the Congolese culture.” Also, the Catholic news agency noted that the past five years have been difficult for artists, Congolese musicians to perform in Europe.
“Can we still expect the same for the five-year period?” She asked. “It’s not impossible,” she said.
However, Koffi Olomide argues that investments in free download are nothing but pale copies of the originals contained in his album. “Abracadabra, all in my arms, will be as successful as my previous albums,” said Koffi Olomide during a television program. Because, he said, his audience is accustomed to works of high musical bill. It will also appreciate the album “Abracadabra, all in my arms.”
Note that the clips of all these songs have already been shot and some of them have already been broadcast on local TV and on Trace Africa.
In this album, Cindy’s heart, artistic director of the orchestra Quartier Latin International, reveals another facet of his talents by playing brilliantly the role of “atalaku” (animator) for men.
It proves, once again, it has undeniable qualities as a singer, especially in Matanga, a song in which she performs a duet with Koffi Olomide. For all these talents, Koffi plans to produce the album just after Cindy Abracadabra. The album is entitled “Supremacy.”
Given all the above, several voices to denounce this heinous act that come to ask the pirates of the new album “Abracadabra, all in my arms” of the artist Koffi Olomide. These people are calling and the Congolese government to ensure protection of all the musicians and their productions. Which they believe will preserve and promote Congolese culture outside the country.


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