Why men ‘run’ after me – The story according to Denrele Edun.

Why men ‘run’ after me – The story according to Denrele Edun.

Call him controversial and you won’t be far from the truth; call his dress sense INSANE and you’d be spot on. I remember doing a double take once in church when I spotted a huge ELECTRIC BLUE afro and I thought surely I was hallucinating – but I wasn’t and the owner of the blue afro was none other than Denrele himself.

In what is believed to be an interview shared via Entertainment Express, Denrele opens up about his wild and wacky dress sense and those persistent, pesky gay rumors:
Weirdness could as well be his middle name. In an era defined by a robust haze of creativity, a period where craziness and sex sell like cake, Denrele Edun shines like a million stars.

He is a self-styled entertainer who started his career at a very tender age as an actor in the then popular kiddies programme, “Kidivision 101″ and has made headlines as a wired model and crazy presenter. “When I started acting in ‘Kidivision 101,’ my cousin told me about the audition so I went with a couple of friends” he recollects.

“When we got there, there were too many people so I started making noise and abusing the other children because they were not from my school. Then the producer came and told me to stop making noise but I told her to go and sit down. She asked me to shut up; I told her to shut up too. Though I did not know she was the producer, she asked me if I knew whom I was talking to and I told her I was important too. Later she gave me the script and when she saw how well I performed, she gave me a role.”

So, how did the crazy stunt begin?  The weird showman tells his story. “It was when I started modelling. I’ve been in entertainment for a while but when I started modelling a lot of things changed. I started with House of Kesse Jabari and at that point I was the smallest and skinniest. I didn’t even have the criteria to be a runway model but Kesse Jabari must have seen something in me. I needed to make an impression, so I started cutting my jeans and combing my hair.

Then, I couldn’t do my hair like this I had to be packing them because I was too shy. When I started my family, especially my grandma, almost ran mad. It was modelling that started the crazy stunt.

It is an extension of my person. It is a reflection of my individuality. For me, my look is fun, it is not too serious to get compliment. At least, when people see me they wonder if I have parents at all; because behind every form of madness or craziness, there must be at least a certain degree of creativity. It is not easy to sew these clothes and wear, but then when you look at the dressing you definitely know that the person who sewed the clothes is not a dullard.

So for me, there is nothing special in it because many people have started dressing like me. When I had my birthday party some years ago, everyone that came dressed like me. I am not trying to make anything out of it; it is just me expressing myself.

“There are too many women for me to handle. In just two weeks I have had over 900 texts from women. Right now I’m not in any relationship and I’m enjoying the attention. There are too many girls running after me and even men have started running after me. I love controversy; people can say whatever they want to say.

When I was much younger I used to feel bad but now I don’t care. I am not gay and don’t care what people say. The only aspect I don’t like is the fact that some gay people call me thinking I’m for real. And they are big guys. At a time when I did not have a car, I had about 10 different offers from such men.”

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