Genevieve unveils Logo for her Fashion Label

Genevieve unveils Logo for her Fashion Label

Ms Nnaji has always been renowned for excellent acting skills.

But beyond acting, she loves fashion and has her own fashion label called “St Genevieve.” After many years of doing very little about the fashion label, Genevieve is rebranding the line with the launch of a new logo.

The logo showcases the letters ‘SG’ which are initials for the brand and describes it as Everyday Fabulous Clothes by Nigerian Actress, Genevieve Nnaji.


You can be rest assured we will be updating you on more as we wait for the grand unveil.

St-Genevieve-by-Genevieve-Nnaji 1

St-Genevieve-by-Genevieve-Nnaji 2

St-Genevieve-by-Genevieve-Nnaji 3


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