Jackie Appiah gets mixed up in serious corruption allegation

Jackie Appiah gets mixed up in serious corruption allegation

The world cup created a frenzy for soccer fans globally.

Unfortunately, it also created an avenue for abject corruption and misappropriation of funds by the administrators of many African teams especially the Ghana National team. Thousands of dollars have been unaccounted for, which necessitated for Ghana’s president to institute a commission of inquiry to investigate what really happened and recommend any punishment for those found guilty of embezzlement.

John Dumelo and Jackie Appiah were chosen as ambassadors for the Ghana soccer team, and reportedly paid over $20,000 each for their services, which they have both denied. So Jackie Appiah has been summoned to appear before the commission today and testify about the allegations of receiving the $20,000 amount and John Dumelo will also be summoned at a later date to testify as well.

Jackie Appiah had to defend herself against allegations that the she had an affair with the sports minister when they were in Brazil, and now this allegation surfaces.

Hope she gets cleared of any wrong doing.

Jackie Appiah Corruption

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